Patient Sortal has revolutionized the patients journey. We have simplified patients healthcare experience when experiencing a transition of care. Using our HIPAA Compliant, Blockchain, Cloud Based software, we manage protected health information to ensure fast and secure sharing of patient information between all members of a patients care team.


We provide our services to patients and caregivers who manage their own protected health information. We manage all of your health information on your behalf. We work with your care team to ensure each member has a complete medical record and you no longer need to go to each of your care providers online portals. We also manage your information during transitions of care when you move between healthcare providers or have a change in healthcare providers.


We work with speciality care providers who need pertinent medical information to provider their individual levels of care. Our focus is to ensure the patients journey is continuous and they receive the highest level of care. We work with discharge planners to ensure a patients primary care providers have complete medical records after a specialist visit. 


Our team helps Reentry teams improve the Continuity of Care during Community Reintegration. Our goal is to ensure community healthcare providers have complete health records when individuals previously incarcerated continue their healthcare treatments and interventions. We help prisons generate structured healthcare informatics during incarceration, improve the organization and storing of inmates health records and manage records post discharge. 

Patient Sortal DOES NOT provide healthcare
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