Underrepresented persons returning to soceity  with unmeet healthcare needs

Who We Serve


Patient Sortal is transforming the healthcare journey for returning citizens, community healthcare providers and health insurance providers. By using evidence-based transition of care models and tech enabling reentry teams, we can streamline the management of protected health information between correctional institutions and community healthcare providers. Combining our solutions with a patient centered approach ensures no matter where a citizen returns, their health information follows. 

Message from the Founder & Chief Executive Officer
I started Patient Sortal with an idea to help children diagnosed with chronic disease navigate the complexities of healthcare. After exploring innovative ways to streamline processes between appointments while decreasing the overwhelming burden put on caregivers, I worked with a team to develop a solutions that allow Patient Sortal to manage the Protected Health Information involved within their care plans.
Over the past couple of years, we have taken our innovative solutions to untouched markets that will enhance the lives of millions. I cannot thank my team, my family, and our amazing advisors for the endless support as we continue to streamline transitions in care.
Thank you!
Kenny L. Eck, M.S.
Winthrop University
  Bachelor of Science
    Exercise Science
University of Delaware
  Master of Science 
    Clinical Exercise Physiology
  Master of Science
    Entrepreneurship & Design
Our Leadership
Rick Rebmann
Financial Advisor
Kenny Eck
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Stretch 
Chief Growth Officer
Carolyn Haines
Healthcare Advisor
John Boyer
Business Processes Advisor
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