About Us

Patient Sortal is a full service care management company that focuses on the continuity of care during community reintegration. We ensure returning citizens receive a superior healthcare experience! A ‘returning citizen’ is a term meant to replace the stigmatizing words ‘ex-con’, ‘ex-felon’, etc., is an individual who is returning home after being incarcerated in a prison and/or jail.


Patient Sortal is comprised of three organizations: Patient Sortal Inc., Patient Sortal Management Services, LLC., and Patient Sortal Health, PLLC.. Collectively, they provide evidence-based, data-driven Population Health, Care Management, and Case Management solutions to their members. 

Patient Sortal Inc. is the healthcare data management company behind Patient Sortal's data-driven care models and population health solutions. Patient Sortal Management Services, LLC. is the Management Services organization that provides all non-clinical operations for Patient Sortal Health, PLLC., and Patient Sortal Health, PLLC provides all clinical operations for care management and internal medicine to returning citizens. 

Patient Sortal was founded by clinicians in 2017 to improve transitions of care. Today, Patient Sortal continues to introduce and implement many solutions contributing to high quality care, improved health outcomes, and decreased healthcare costs.

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Kenny Eck, M.S., M.S., Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Frangos D.O., Medical Director

Saad Soliman, EVP of Government Relations & Criminal Justice

John Chomeau M.A.S., Chief Population Health Officer

Thomas Stretch B.S.N., Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Continuity of Care During Community Reintegration