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Continuity of Care

Patient Sortal has transformed how individuals returning to the community from incarceration experience Continuity of care during Community Reintegration. 


We digitalize all healthcare data management processes, ensure members are covered at low or no cost, and introduce our members to high quality healthcare services within their community.

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Community-based and patient-centered approach. walking alongside our members during this journey, helping them every step of the way.


Value-based partnerships with coverage providers. working with care networks to manage new patients like never before. Healthcare providers have complete health records prior to every appointment, saving healthcare costs, administrative time, and allows patients to experience a real continuity of care when returning home.

Reentry and community service partnerships. helping returning citizens up to a year before release, ensuring they are covered, their health is managed, and their care network is set up prior to release to ensure ongoing healthcare needs are met and non emergency hospital visits are avoided.