Underrepresented persons returning to soceity with unmet healthcare needs

Who We Serve

Our team members are passionate problem solvers with a shared interest in healthcare innovation. With decades of combined healthcare experience working hands-on with patients as healthcare providers and 10+ years of health information technology design, implementation, and maintenance, we came together to develop Patient Sortal. 

We continue to grow our network of advisors and bring on Health Information Management teams. If you believe you'd be a great fit for our team, we'd love to connect! 

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Message from the Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Patient Sortal started with a vision to help children diagnosed with chronic disease as they navigate the complexities of healthcare and experience numerous transitions of care. After years working with patients and their care teams, we have created innovative solutions to streamline several healthcare administrative processes. These solutions decrease the overwhelming burden put on patients and healthcare providers, improve intake processes for new patients, eliminate duplicate healthcare cost, and ultimately improve quality of life. 
We are happy to say that over the past couple of years, we have taken our innovative solutions to untouched markets that will enhance the lives of returning citizens and our communities. I cannot thank my team, my family, and our amazing advisors for the endless support as we continue forward!
Thank you,
Kenny L. Eck, M.S.
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Winthrop University
  Bachelor of Science 2016
University of Delaware
  Master of Science 2017
   Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
  Master of Science 2018
    Business & Economics
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Kenny Eck
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Stretch 
Chief Growth Officer
Carolyn Haines
Healthcare Advisor
John Boyer
Business Processes Advisor
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